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  • Families Can Turn to Smartphones for Prescription Saving Solutions

    With the drug price index continuing to rise and median incomes decreasing, families are looking to their smartphones for solutions to save money.

    “Consumers are recognizing the rising costs of prescription drugs and LowestMed is the solution for everyone looking to save money,” said Brad Bangerter, CEO of LowestMed. “Our app and discount card makes it easy for you to compare prescription prices at the pharmacies in your neighborhood.”

    LowestMed is the first free mobile app in the industry to provide consumers with the ability to view and compare prescription drug prices at leading supermarket and pharmacy chains in their neighborhood. It is available on iPhone, Android, and Windows phone devices. LowestMed offers free and confidential pharmacy savings in the palm of your hand for those on company plans and individual plans under the ACA, as well as those who choose not to buy health insurance.

    The LowestMed app is as simple as typing your prescription into your smartphone. Customers do not need to enter any personal information and LowestMed does not track prescriptions.