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    Obtaining Free Flu Shots

    There are a number of locations to obtain a complimentary influenza shot:

    1. Your Employer

    Many employers provide cost-free flu shots to all workers this year. They may also offer totally free influenza shots to relatives as well. Consult your company to see if they will be offering cost-free influenza shots this year. If they are not, provide this feedback– the economic impact.of the influenza in the United StateS is $87.1 billion annually, in lost work and other indirect expenses like healthcare.

    2. Your Physician with your Health Insurance

    Indirectly, via your company or if you have a public health.insurance exchange, your medical insurance can   pay for your influenza shot with no cost, because of Affordable Care Act insurance coverage rules, when provided by an in-network supplier.

    3. Your County Health Department

    Several regional wellness departments offer cost-free flu shots to kids as well as the elderly. Progressively they are offering this solution to everyone. The only downside is the potential for long waiting lines.  Have a look at your county or cities web site for  more details.

    Other Cheap Flu Shot Locations

    If you don’t have health insurance, or an employer or county health.department that offers cost-free flu shots, there are a variety of stores providing rather affordable flu shots for the 2015-2016 flu season. If you do.have medical insurance that covers influenza shots, it might even be more.convenient compared to going to your doctor.


    • Costco Flu Shots: Costs $14.99. The least expensive on this listing if you don’t have insurance.
    • CVS Flu shots: Costs$31.99. You get a 20% off one-time promo valid on non-sale. goods and non-pharmacy acquisitions as much as $50(optimum value $10 ). Typical co-pay applies.
    • Walgreen’s Flu Shots:$31.99 Insurance approval differs. Typical co-pay applies.
    • Rite Aid Flu Shots: Costs$31.99. Insurance policy approval differs. Typical co-pay applies.
    • Meijer Flu Shot Costs$27.99. Insurance approval differs. Common co-pay applies.
    • Wal Mart Flu Shots: Costs$25. Insurance policy acceptance differs, Usual co-pay applies.
    • Sams Club Flu Shots: Costs $15. Insurance acceptance varies. Common co-pay applies.
    • Kroger Flu Shots Costs$28. Insurance coverage approval varies. Typical co-pay applies.
    • Target Flu Shots: Costs$24.99. Insurance policy acceptance differs.Normal co-pay applies.


    You can also check the CDC’s Flu.gov influenza shot locator site, which provides a map of places near you that supply influenza shots.