Concierge Medicine

Often, a whole day has to be planned around a trip to the doctor or specialist’s office, with the need to take an undetermined amount of time off work, potentially losing wages from those missed hours. Patients who call House Call Doctor Los Angeles don’t need to subject themselves to such an ordeal, with easily-accessible medical concierge services throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Board-certified internist Dr. Michael Farzam, the founder of House Call Doctor Los Angeles, is the 24-hour doctor who comes to his patients rather than making patients come to him.

The prospect of little to no disruption to the day is only part of what attracts patients to concierge medicine services provided by House Call Doctor Los Angeles. Patients don’t even have to wait for the doctor to show up if they participate in telehealth services. “Telemedicine” is the practice of calling the doctor via live interactive video chat services such as Skype to get expert advice on how to handle a particular condition or illness, or for a referral to a specialist to treat a particular ailment.

Dr. Farzam routinely practices remote patient monitoring by helping patients with their specific vital signs, including blood glucose or a variety of factors for homebound patients who may need supplementation to concierge nursing services. Medical education may also be useful for the patients who request telemedicine services to manage their particular condition, whether it is a traumatic injury, acute condition or even a chronic disease. In many cases, a telemedicinal consultation can save a trip to a general practitioner.

The House Call Doctor Los Angeles team considers their services to be a form of care called concierge medicine, which includes annual medical retainer plans. What makes concierge medicine so valuable is the fact that more patients need thorough healthcare, but they are lucky if they even get 15 minutes of their doctor’s time, not including support staff. Furthermore, primary care medicine has seen a decline in new practices, and many doctors are recruited from overseas to fill this gap. Dr. Farzam is a trusted concierge-style doctor providing all the services a family physician can offer, and his appointments typically last a comprehensive 45 minutes of uninterrupted, unhurried time. Going a step further, Dr. Farzam follows up with his patients in the days and weeks after their appointment and gives patients his personal, direct phone number if they want to reach out to him.